Thursday, 28 April 2011

Commission, Up My Big Nose

Ok, so I've been doing some more After Effects tutorials and I got to thinking I might as well make them useful for the current project. I'm making my animation on the flu virus and I had the idea that there would be a camera zoom into the body to set up the animation. So, hey I made this, I'll re-render the Maya at some point but you'll get the idea.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Commission, Nasal Cavity.

This is the inside of a normal nasal cavity, one of the potential starting points where the flu virus can enter the body airbourne from the sneezing or coughing of an infected person.

This is good potential for a CG environment to demonstrate the flu virus.

Commission, Step By Step Attack Plan

1. The Flu virus enters the body through the respiratory system.

2. The virus will land on a cell in the respiratory system (nose, throat or lung).

3. Once on the cell the virus is absorbed inside and bursts to release it own RNA.

4. The virus RNA is taken to the nucleus.

5. The machinary inside the cells nucleus then starts to copy the virus RNA.

6. A million copied RNA leave the cell as new virus' killing the cell.

Commission, Flu Virus Research.

The flu virus 10 appoximately 100 nanometres across, because it is so small it is unable to carry the nessarsary equiptment to reproduce itself. So instead it will hi-jack the cells in a person and uses those cells to reproduce itself. Once inside the body, the virus will bind itself to the outside of a cell, where it will then be absorbed into the cell. Inside the cell the virus will make its way inside the nucleus and release its own RNA, using the machinary inside the nucleus to make copies. The cell will make millions of copies of the virus RNA which will then burst from the cell as new flu virus. This action will kill the cell and make ready a million more flu virus' to repeat the process.

commission, how flu works

This is a really nice video that explains how the flu virus works with some very nice animation.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Commission Influence Map

In unit 6 I thought about each of the subjesct and decided to go with the Influenza virus and how that manifests itself in the human cell and the processess of devision. Here I've looked at some illustratons of the flu virus in order to assertain its structure for modeling in Maya.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Animation - Art Of The Ecstatic Bathtub

The Ecstatic Bathtub

Life Drawing - Last 2 Weeks Classes

Monday, 4 April 2011

Animation - Ecstatic Bathtub Animation

Here it is, my completed animation of the Ecstatic Bathtub. It's been a very painful journey to get to this stage and I'll be so glad to get back onto Maya. I'm really liking all the close up shots and that you don't really get to see the man in the shower. If I get time I'm looking at seeing if I can get some close up shots of the baths feet tap dancing and put a shot where the bathtub falls back into its normal position.