Thursday, 31 May 2012

Maya - Bicep Sculpt Deformer

I'm going to go over some of the tutorials I missed from the first year and some that I've just forgotten how to do and need to revisit.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Nexus - Week 05, Day 05

Today on my last day I finished the Deathly, floaty figure. The style in which I modelled it was totally different to anything I've done before and pretty much everything that would normally be considered to be bad practice was the way in which I HAD to model it. It has been modelled to be placed in an animation the won't be rendered of smoothed and the geometry lines are to be seen.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nexus - Week 05, Day 04

Met with Mark today to go over everything I've modelled to make sure I've followed everything correctly. Everything is mostly fine :)

I've also started modelling for another job and my brief was to model a character that was like death, with a sickle and floaty :) I've got it started and hopefully should get it finished on Friday.

Nexus - Week 05, Day 03

Yesterday I modelled a camera, a pair of headphones and another TV.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nexus - Week 05, Day 02

What can I say, I've been modelling more stuff :)

I finished the remote control, made some TV's and started making some headphones. I'm very sad it's my last week as I've settled in really well, met some great people and will really miss being there when I leave.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Maya - Hi Res Character, Ear Part 1

Nexus - Week 05, Day 01

The last week has come around really quickly. After finishing the lorry and submitting some renders for feedback I started to model some TV's and a remote. The remote is going to be a really close up shot so I've made sure it's really hi-res to stand up to it.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Maya - Hi Res Character, Eye

Nexus - Week 04, Day 05

I finally finished the lorry enough for it to be put forward. I've started making some renders but wont be able to get them finished until Monday. Fingers crossed it' approved for use, I am expecting some alterations may need to be made or even another layer of detail may need to be added.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nexus - Week 04, Day 04

Today it's been much more of the same, I've got to know V-Ray better and have been making some more test renders of the lorry. It's looking better everyday and hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow. (I've said that before)

Nexus - Week 04, Day 03

After another day modelling of the lorry I'm still not quite finished. I've been detailing it out so you get a sense of scale. I'm confident it will be finished this week :)

Edit: Forgot to mention I spend a lot of time looking at rendering in Max. Here at Nexus they use V-Ray so I've been looking at the V-Ray shaders and doing some test renders. I've not quite got the hang of it yet but I'm sure I'll get there.

Maya - Hi Res Character, Nose

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Maya - Z Depth With Luminance Render Layer

Beauty pass

Depth pass

Cube matte

Final comp

First the depth pass is used for a lens blur on the beauty pass, then so the cube is in focus the matte pass is used as a mask on a second beauty pass.

Maya - Round Corners Node

Maya - Layered Shader With Mental Ray Nodes

I'm liking this shading network because it allows you to have the ease of using a car paint shader to get a realistic look with the addition of being able to layer dirt/rust/scratches texture maps over the top :)

Maya - Ambient Occlusion Light

Nexus - Week 04, Day 02

Today I've been putting the detail on the lorry as currently without it it looks like a toy. Hopefully I should get it completed by tomorrow as I know there are other things that are pressing to be modelled.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Maya - Soft Bodies, Bubbles

Maya - NCloth Flags

Maya - NCloth Balloons

Maya - NCloth Marbles

Maya - NCloth M&M's

Nexus - Week 04, Day 01

I'm starting to really progress with the lorry now, which is nice as when I'm making something up as a design as I go along it makes me feel like I'm moving very slowly. Because Mark wanted the design to look futuristic and sleek I've use some concepts for lorrys and looked at brand new coaches as they tend to have a sleek and simplistic design.

Nexus - Week 03, Day 04

The last day of week 03 has come round quickly. I'm modelling a lorry still and Mark has given me some ideas of what it should look like and the world it needs to fit into. It's quiet challenging having to model something and think of the design as you go.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Maya - NCloth Rope Bridge

Nexus - Week 03, Day 03

Wow, now more than half way through the 5 weeks work experience, it's  gone so quick. I finished modelling fridges today and Mark has got me modelling a lorry. I'm at the blocking out stages with it a the moment, but hopefully by tomorrow I'll start to get something looking cool.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Maya - Rigid Bodies, Earring

Maya - Rigid Bodies, Chain

Maya - Rigid Bodies, Newton's Cradle

I really wanted to render out a nice video of this but it was just taking far too long per frame, currently I'm rendering it out with basic shaders.

Nexus - Week 03, Day 01

Today at Nexus I've been put on a team that have started a new TV advertisement for a large UK company. I'm currently modelling fridges.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Maya - Skin Shader

In this shader there is an ambient occlusion plugged into the diffuse colour, the black on the occlusion it tinted red.

Maya - Grapes Skin Shader

I really liked this shader. It's a skin shader with an ambient occlusion node plugged into the diffuse colour, than a fractal plugged into the overall colour.  

Maya - Ambient Occlusion With Displacement



Ambient Occlusion

Friday, 4 May 2012

Nexus - Week 02, Day 05

Added the finishing touches to the carriage and the horse. Grouped all the pieces together to get it ready for rigging. I've also today started on learning to UV map in Max, it's not all that much different to Maya to be honest. Monday? Or I guess Tues as it's a bank holiday Monday next week I look forward to starting on a new job.

Nexus - Week 02, Day 04

I finally finished modelling the carriage, so Mark gave me a model of a donkey from a previous advert for the same company and asked me to turn it into a horse. It sounds easy enough but the proportions are very different. I had to cut it up into different pieces, body, head, ears, and legs, adjust them individually and put them back together. Overall it was pretty cool :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nexus - Week 02, Day 03

OK, I forgot to do the diary entry for yesterday, this one is today's. I've pretty much finished the carriage. It's been such a great few days in really getting to know 3DS Max. One thing that is very different is the way you smooth and group objects. Now that I'm used to these small differences my skill has improved and I feel ready for the next challenge :)

Nexus - Week 01, Day 02

There's not much to say today other than I've been modelling more of the carriage :)