Friday, 24 December 2010

Environment - Operating Table, Photoshop Concept.

Ok I've worked on this a bit more over the last week. I've opened it up as Phil said to make the chair feel more "marooned" in the space. Everything in the picture has been referenced from real functioning objects.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Unhomely - The Tenant

Fig 1.

The Tenant (1976)

Director - Roman Polanski

Trelkovsky (Polanski) moves into an appartment not long after the previous tenant Simone apparently tries to commit suicide by jumping out of a window. Trelkovsky over the film gradually starts to become more and more like Simone. But it's not certain as to whether this is due to the influence of the other homosidal tenants or if it's just down to his own paranioa. Time Out give the decription, Trelkovsky "soon finds himself at the centre of a real or imagined conspiracy that pushes him into assuming the identity of his predecessor". But at the end the twist review a more bizaar plot.

Fig 2.

The beauty of The Tenant is the realism of the everyday mundane events that unfold and how much they are in stark contrast to the surreal paraniod episodes that Trelkovsky increasingly faces during the film. Though this film isn't without its humour albeit dark. Trelkovsky evertually as he thinks he is becoming Simone follows her route into suicide in a bizaar and comical manner as he jumps out the same window dressed as a woman. When he doesn't succeed he immediately clambers up to his appartment to jump out the window again.
Fig 3.

Overall The Tenant gives a unsettling insite into the world of the paronoid, "a genuine sense of mouldering creepiness" as stated by Film 4. Certainly a creepiness the leaves you wondering what is unfolding right up to the last minute.

Fig 4

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Environment - Operating Theatre concept.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Photoshop - Channels

Using channels to make selections to isolate different parts of a picture.



Photoshop - Fabric Textures

This is an easy texture to make using the clouds filter, then the fabric filter, copy the layer and make a multiply layer at 90 degrees.

Photoshop - Layer masks

Photoshop - Tiling


Fixed for tiling


Monday, 6 December 2010

Environment - The Uncanny Valley

This is something I've been looking at since the perception essay. The uncanny valley is a theory regarding roboitics. The idea is that robots that have human characteristics but don't look real are pleasing. For example Johnny 5 from short circuit. As robot start to look more human moving on to ALMOST life like we find them uncomfortable.

Environment - Other ideas I had.

I had some other ideas about this project so I'm putting them up as possilbilies.

The Interrogation. Simple but effective and as you can see, pretty much all done before.

The White Chapel. I had an idea of a deserted wedding in an old white chapel, the guests seem to have all disapeared. Where? Dead, obducted. Who knows?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Environment - Initial Sketch

I took my favorite thumb nail and made a rough sketch and added lighting in Photoshop to show the kind of atmosphere that can be achieved. I think it has potential :)

Environment - 50 Thumb Nails

Here you go. Couldn't wait for an A3 scanner so took photos :)

They're numbered  so if anyone would like to give feedback on what works in which one that'll be cool :)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Environment - 50 Thumb Nails - Operating Table

OK I've done 50 thumb nails today for my idea but I haven't got access to an A3 scanner. So won't be able to upload them until UCA opens again :(

I'n the meantime I decided to model an operating table in Maya, just on the basis that there's going to be alot of modeling in this scene so it won't hurt to get the basics done :)

Environment - Influence Maps

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Environment - Initial ideas

OK, my first thought when thinking about the uncanny valley and the cognitive dissonance to be portrayed in this CG environment was an operating theatre. Mostly because although not a comfortable place as such, it is seen as somewhere that people are given help and people are cured.

I thought that it might be nice to very subtly change some of the surgical instruments to instruments of touture, in a way where you are thinking to yourself. What's really gone on in here?

Any thoughts?