Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Environment - Initial ideas

OK, my first thought when thinking about the uncanny valley and the cognitive dissonance to be portrayed in this CG environment was an operating theatre. Mostly because although not a comfortable place as such, it is seen as somewhere that people are given help and people are cured.

I thought that it might be nice to very subtly change some of the surgical instruments to instruments of touture, in a way where you are thinking to yourself. What's really gone on in here?

Any thoughts?


  1. hmmm - I suggest you get thumbnailing, Justin.

  2. Hi Justin, I thinki that this is a great starting point. As you have rightly identified there is a fine line between the arts of medicene and healing and the more sinister actions that could take place in this sort of environment. Other elements that can create a sense of unease include lighting and camera angles/ positioning. As Phil has said you have got your idea now it is time to be visual.