Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Maya - Street

Finally, I started again and solved the rendering problem I was having :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Space - 20,000 Leagues - Final pieces

Ive, made the colour on the underwater scene a little brighter. Also put a touch of a blue reflection in the library, can't do it too much though because it akes away from the red. One more to follow, just got some finishing touches  to do.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Space - 20,000 Leagues - Underwater Cliff

Finalish of the underwater scene with the cliff in view that goes up to land

How I got there.

Space - 20,000 Leagues - Controls - Final Piece

Again There is more I can do for this but it just depends on time.

This is how I got there.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Worlds Apart - The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal - 1982

Director - Jim Henson and Frank Oz

Somehow before seeing this film I can't help but feel that a serious film that has no real actors and is based around puppets can only be a mistake. Ok we've all seen puppet based films before but they have humour and are designed for comedic value, not a serious drama. So upon watching The Dark Crystal I could not help but feel disapointed, especially bearing in mind I've not already seen this film and it was released when I was only eight years old. It so turned out my instinct was right, the fantasy plot involving the cliche good verses evil puppets had no character and there was no connection made to draw you into the story. The New York Times agree that it "is without any narrative drive whatever. It's without charm as well as interest." This would have work if I had watched it as an eight year old, but now it doesn't wash.

All that said you can't help but feel inspired by the detail depicted in this fantasy world. Everything in it from the sets to the characters and props look beautifuly made and is the only reason that keeps you watching. From that point of view it's a success for the directors "a dazzling technological and artistic achievement" is how Variety discribe it. The whole world seems busy with a muddle of cutesy and odd creatures that meander in and out of shot keeping you busy looking for what might come in next. This world is really alive and will keep the average child cinema goer delighted.

Also the environments themselves give a feel of grandure not that unlike of Star Wars, a film that directors Jim Henson and Frank Oz had worked on previously for the creature effects. It's true it all looks good, as Time Out say it "has put all his energies into creating a spectacular range of live-action creatures" but the details and budget spent on making this film look good meant that they seemed to neglect some of the most important points in film making, to make a protaganist that you care for and can connect to.

Worlds Apart - Avatar

Avatar - 2009

Director - James Cameron

Every now and again there is an event in cinema history that gets you so exited that you almost forget the real world for a couple of hours. Avatar was one of those events and so justified was the exitement, this film more than lived up to its hype. Soon into the film you are transported into a world (Pandora) not of our sol where a colony of humans are mining a valuable ore called Unobtainium and in the process destroying the planets flora and forna. The humans in this case are the alien occupiers of this world and not too popular with the intellegent but less technologically advanced indigenous population, who are at one with nature and see their planets life as sacred. The plot takes an obvious journey but is incredibly well executed as battle commences and loyalties are torn between fighting for your race and for what is morally right.

The real joy in watching this film is in the worlds design and how well it looks, "The effects of Avatar are certainly something to see" says The Gaurdian . It's like a place that could really exist. There is so much thought that has gone into the whole evolution and ego systems. The forna of the planet have much in common (like our own world) that makes everything just look like it belongs in the same place. On Earth most larger land animals are quadrapeds and have a similar design. Likewise on Pandora there is a uniform idea that runs through the land animals in that they all have six legs giving (from an evolutionary point of view) that they are from a source of thier own.

The landscapes of Pandora are also so beautifully made "It’s hard to fault ‘Avatar’ as an immersive visual experience." says Time Out. Mostly digital sets but with a sense of realism that's never been seen on the silver screen before and The Times agrees and says the world is "made to look like nothing we’ve seen before." Right from the forests to the floating mountains being held by the magnetism of the planet we are in awe of the splender of a world that you would personally love to explore. Lurking in the lower atmosphere can be seen other planets that give an instant feeling that it is completely alien. There is no way this film could have been realised without C.G.  Nowhere on Earth could have even made a poor excuse of being Pandora.

Worlds Apart - The Wizard Of Oz

The Wizard Of Oz - 1939

Director - Richard Thorpe & King Vidor.

The Wizard of Oz is truly a delightful film for the children to enjoy and as Film 4 say that "Oz is a land best not seen through adult eyes." This may be because the film is so sicky innocent and churpy in places that it makes adult ears hurt. That's not to say I didn't merrit the films ability to capture an adult audience, the fact of the matter it's a beautiful 102 minutes of escapism. The film revolves around Dorothy (Judy Garland) who is rendered unconcious in a storm in Kansas, where she dreams out a parrallel universe. All of the people she knows in real life are playing characters in the land of Oz that parrallel their own personalities. Here there is a battle of good and evil, festive singing, a cast in fancy dress and sets so bright you need sunglasses. All in all a receipy for much success for any family or should I say childrens film. A great success indeed as it's managed to according to BBC "embraces a new generation of children who succumb to its magic."


The main plot of the film is for Dorothy to get back home to Kansas which involve her going to vistit the Wizard Of Oz at the Emeral City at the other end of the long yellow brick road. All this whist avoiding the Wicked Witch Of The West, who is most upset that Dorothy's house crash landed and killed her sister the Wicked Witch Of The East. On her journey she comes across the Scare Crow, Tinman and the Lion who help her on her travels in the hope of gaining something they feel they lack.

The sets on this film are so wonderfully made that you can bearly see the join between the on stage set to where it turns into the backdrop. Although the use of colour was over done it fit its purpose for when the film was made. CCN describe it as "in a hallucinogenic new print with colors that practically leap off the screen at you." This said back then in 1939 there would have been a great excitement in seeing its use with the cinema goer.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Space - 20,000 Leagues - Library

It's not quite finished but it's getting there. :)

Thanks Phil, I knew it needed something but I wasn't quite sure what. So I was abandoning it for a while.
I've added a spot light feel, I hope this was what you meant. Looks more dramatic :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Space - 20,000 leagues. Library

Finalish sketch version of the library.

This is the lastest one  -

Ok I've just made this thumbnail for the library. I will work on it more but I've got to go to work :(

I'm really not happy with the way this is going at the moment with the library. I'm going to try redrawing it at an odd point of view. See if it gives it more dynamics.