Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Space - 20,000 leagues - Library - Final Piece

This one is with the addition of some shadows. Any thought on which is best?


  1. I think I would stick with the non-shadow one, visually it looks nicer.

    Though I think the problem with the top one might be that your spotlights seem to come from the top, while the shadow implies they come from the front.

    Hope this help.

  2. I'd suggest that the 'glare' is too white on the bodies of the book-selecting devices - like a bleached, over-exposure issue - and, not wishing to cause you more creative pain, I can't help but wonder at the plausibility of all those cloned books... isn't there an aesthetic opportunity in working into the details of all those spines a bit more authentically?

    That said, these images are already much more atmospheric than previously... however, what is the material of the roof? Is that glass, and is that the sea beyond - or is it plaster? I think, artistically, if it was the sea, it would lend real spectacle to this scene; if not, I think you might want to consider adding some further interest/surface pattern to the ceiling; it feels like a bit of an eye-vacuum right now...

  3. I agree with most but it does say in the description of the library that all the books are bound the same.