Thursday, 18 November 2010

Space - 20,000 Leagues - Controls - Final Piece

Again There is more I can do for this but it just depends on time.

This is how I got there.

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  1. Hey Justin - me again ;-) There's plenty to admire here - but again there's something 'underwhelming' about the exterior - and a disconnect too in terms of lighting; for example, if the sub was submerged, the view outside would be more saturated in terms of colour and that blue cast would be playing nicely in contrast to all the rich, warm tones of the interior - you'd have cool rim lighting and glimmer catching on the brass stuff and sparking against the leathery earth tones. It would just add another level of theatricality and visual interest - and again, it does feel (at least on my screen) as if you've taken the exposure on the tubes and conduit a little too far - bleaching out information and subtlety - think about allowing some green/blue lighting into your scene - and more logically, how come the upper surfaces facing away from the big window are reflecting so much light - where's it coming from? And again, if you look at the control panel at the back of the scene, it's uneffected by the light coming in from the window - you could use cool light to backlight the wheel and bring out more of the dials etc. In both this scene and your library scene, I'd suggest you're not banking the 'underwateryness' of these 'worlds apart' and that feels like an opportunity missed.