Saturday, 20 November 2010

Space - 20,000 Leagues - Final pieces

Ive, made the colour on the underwater scene a little brighter. Also put a touch of a blue reflection in the library, can't do it too much though because it akes away from the red. One more to follow, just got some finishing touches  to do.


  1. Sorry if I come off as a bit asshole-ish but the use of lighting as a dramatic effect in these images seems to come off a bit bland.

    The second image looks slightly washed out, as if there should be more contrast. Similar with the first where it feels like there's nothing seperating the elements of the image. I can see there's a door at the end of the library, but my eye doesnt take me there. it just sits it one top of the image without going anywhere. And maybe there should be some light from the above reflecting onto the floor. Perhaps the whole room should be illuminated ever so slightly blue.

  2. In fact, thinking on it some more, the first image feels too cramped. Perhaps you should widen your canvas a bit more?

  3. That's cool Tom, you don't sound "asshole-ish" it's constructive critisism which is what makes you see things you may not have done before. You're right on your views and it's given me a couple of ideas. I don't know where I would be without Phils constructive critisism, it's what makes us turn mediocracy into a something that's good :)