Sunday, 14 November 2010

Space - 20,000 Leagues - Library

It's not quite finished but it's getting there. :)

Thanks Phil, I knew it needed something but I wasn't quite sure what. So I was abandoning it for a while.
I've added a spot light feel, I hope this was what you meant. Looks more dramatic :)


  1. eeemmm...what do you mean not quite finished??? That certainly looks like a finished piece to me! It amazing of course...I love all the detail you've put on the 'book finders'! :D

  2. A suggestion - there's something 'too bright' and sterile about your lighting; consider perhaps something more spot-lit and rich, so you get to play with intensities of color, shadow, the gleaming of surfaces etc. Currently, it feels like it's depicted under flourescents; think of the lighting in the cgaa baseroom - pools of light...