Thursday, 2 December 2010

Environment - 50 Thumb Nails - Operating Table

OK I've done 50 thumb nails today for my idea but I haven't got access to an A3 scanner. So won't be able to upload them until UCA opens again :(

I'n the meantime I decided to model an operating table in Maya, just on the basis that there's going to be alot of modeling in this scene so it won't hurt to get the basics done :)


  1. wow - now that's efficient - but, if you can really model so proficiently and so quickly, I'd guard against getting too fixated too early on; your challenge remains a conceptual and creative one first and foremost - and remember, we'll be looking to see the authentic translation from 2d concept art (production design/visual concept/art direction/lighting etc) to Maya model.... just a note of caution, that's all.

  2. Hey Jut, that's looking sweeeeet!

  3. Totally knew you were going to say that Phil. From my thumb nails, which you can't see :( I've got some idea of where it's going on. But I made every effort just make the model and not let it influence my design as a whole.