Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Environment - Operating Theatre concept.


  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Justin,

    You've been polishing the operating room idea for a while now - and I see no reason why it shouldn't work well. The only thing I'd suggest is that more currency could be generated from the spatial aspects of this environment. It actually feels very conventional right now - I think there's potential with that black and white floor to create a more skewed perspective - again with the focal point bias pushed more to the far left, as if the chair etc. is more 'marooned' within the space and that expanse of floor. I'd suggest it would add a greater sense of vulnerability and dread to the proceedings. I like the use of the red door as an accent to all the cyan/surgical gown palette. I think you've got blood on the instrument table too, but that feels unnessary, because the door colour is implying the 'function' of the room. Don't be tempted to 'gild the lily' - let your audience think the worst (not see it).

    In terms of colour palette and mood, check out the autopsy scene from Alien 3, and, of course, The Matrix (which uses a green cast). Also, I want to see lots of close 'real world' research when it comes to you further refining this scene; avoid genericism by perhaps choosing a specific era of hospital or operating room - or at least ensure you're taking exact reference from real world objects and machines etc, If you don't, you'll end up creating a 'nowheresville'. Lots of students make this mistake during this unit - they just 'model out of their heads' and so make 'non' environments.

  2. Oh it does look a bit like blood but it's meant to be a blow torch :)

  3. This might be of interest - from David Cronenberg's Deadringers:


    re. previous comment about eras:

    1970's operating theatre here:


    operating theatre now:


    So - avoid modelling the version of an 'operating theatre' that exists in your head - tether your vision to the real.

    Regarding your written assignment, see link: