Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Anatomy - The Fly (1986) David Cronenberg

 This is possibly David Cronenberg's biggest block buster film, the remake of the fly far over shadowed Cronenbergs previous flesh obsessed works. Mainly due to it having a much better budget than previous films and as TV Guide put it "Cronenberg found the perfect outlet for his obsessions, producing his most controlled, mature and insightful work to date".

Here we see Cronenberg explore the gruesome horror of Seth Brundle decaying as he slowly becomes absorbed by the fly DNA until he is an insectile creature and you can't recognise any human left. Even 30 years later this film still has you feeling sick to your stomach as the more Seth turns into 'Brundle Fly' the more his mind deteriorates into that of a mad man. Time Out nicely put it "this gothic horror is heartbreaking as well as stomach-churning". You really can take that statement literally.

As in the original movie a matter transporter is invented for the good or mankind but the concequences end up disasterous. Brundle played by Geff Goldblum, the scientist in the film who has invented the matter transporter ends up being genetically spliced with a fly. At first he feels like it has made him a more phisically perfect human and recommends that his girl friend go through also, but she has reservations.  As the film progresses it becomes apparent that something has gone wrong. Brundles body slowly deteriates and his human body parts slowly are rejected and drop off.

The special effects in this film are grose to say the least and really help give a sence that there's no happy ending here. Channel 4 made the point "As for The Fly, there was no room for camp and unconvincing effects" I think they hiy the nail on the head . Made in a time when AIDS was feared and alot wasn't known about it, there was a paranoia and fear of being diseased.

The film ends with Brundle fly tring to make himself more of a human by teleporting with his pregnant girlfreind, his plan is foyled and it ends badly for Brundle.

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