Sunday, 17 October 2010

Anatomy - Jutmingo


  1. Hey Justin - you're looking pretty resolved here, but I have a thought for you; is it possible that the addition of the biohazard sign and test-tube might be detracting from the effectiveness of your hybrid? He looks very strong on the white background! If you were considering using lighting etc. to add more drama, I'd suggest you endeavour to keep it simpler...

  2. I really wanted to give it a bit of drama, but you're right to say the biohazard sign does draw your eye away too much, I really like the test tube though. I had great fun making then in photoshop :)

    I'll put up a few different versions for comparison.

  3. Oh I also just realised that the bioharzzard sign stood out way too much so I've just fixed that, It's not so distracting now.