Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Unhomely - Eraserhead

Fig 1.

Eraserhead (1976)

Director - David Lynch

Fig 2.

By far one of David Lynch's strangest works and according to Time out "The Greatest Student Film Ever Made ". Eraserhead, Lynch's debut film takes the uncanny to another level. Every set, prop, and character of the film has been maticulasly made to give and uneasy feel. Harry spencer the main protaganist endures the entire film with look of worry that never lets up and his stance and walk give a performance of such a lack of confidence that it's impossible not to empythise with his character.

Fig 3.

There is very little dialogue in this film and what there is is so beautifully auckward, unnessesary pauses build such an uncomfortable feeling between the characters. The characters will act in a fashion making unnessesary noises or movements that help to enhance the uncanny feel of the film. The Times describe it as "The sound design, the ominous weirdness and the starkly beautiful photography." The cinematography in the film was beautifully executed to give such a sense of awkwardness.

Fig 4.


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