Friday, 4 February 2011

Story Telling - Story Idea

OK so Phil gave the idea of an obese man who has died in his caravan and needs to be collected. I'm not too sure if it's the job of an undertaker to collect dead bodies from the scene of death. I've looked for the answer on the net and it seems it can be but it just depands on the circumstances.

But going but that premise here is a rough outline of a story.

Undertaker goes to caravan in the middle of nowhere (woods) to assess the logistics of transporting Mr 'My God You're A Fat Bastard' out of his caravan that he has grown into. After many comedic attemts to extract Mr MGYAFB (Blow torch, angle grinder, blah de blah) and failing it is decided to bury him still in the caravan effectively using the caravan as a coffin.

Et viola.


  1. nice - now, about that ladder...?

  2. It sounds good ... I am going to go with that the use of the ladder is going to be used in comedic attemts some how?

  3. Yeah Aiden, it would be a good idea to incorparate the ladder into it in that way. Perhaps that ladder somehow causes difficulties and turns out to be the undertaker's downfall.

    How, I've not got a Scooby Doo but the brain is ticking :)

  4. Hey Dude, i like you idea, the comedic attempts to remove the man from the caravan will be a interesting bases on 'selling' your story to people.

    And with the ladder... along your thought to use it as a down fall in a comedic way for the undertaker, i would say the ladder doesn't have to play a major role all the way through the story, maybe only in one specific scene? such as,
    The understaker using a ladder to be able to reach the top side of the caravan to start to try cut him out, with angle grinder maybe (as you mentioned above) and the ladder comically breaking under his weight, maybe build some tension up to the point and then play with a comical fall.

    Food For Thought :)

  5. Just had a chin wag with Oliver and come to the conclusion of maybe 2 undertakers. One short and fat and the other tall and skinny. You could make some real comidic situations in a Larrel and Hardy fashion involving a ladder.