Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Cutting Edge - Cloverfield

Fig 1.

Cloverfield 2008

Director - Matt Reeves

A leaving party for one of a group of friends is interupted by an unknown force attacking New York City. One of the group happens to be filming quests testimonials at the party and then proceeds to document the rescue of a friend that went home from the party and then thier attempted escape from the city.

Fig 2.

If watching this film with no idea of the films premise you might wonder what you're in for and that you should, as you will no doubt after the first 30 minutes find your self sucked into your worst childhood nightmare. This movie has been inspired by movies over the last 30 years, right from the early Ray  Harryhausen monster movies, Godzilla and the likes of King Kong. The difference here is the modern twist, the POV, shaky cam perspective that immerses you into the movies makes it feel like that childhood nightmare. As Variety see it as "An old-fashioned monster movie dressed up in trendy new threads, "Cloverfield" plays like "The Blair Witch Project" meets "Godzilla". All the things childhood nightmares are made of, tied in a small ball of phlegm ready for you to choke on. 

Fig 3.

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