Thursday, 21 July 2011

Maya - Car Model

I just spent around 35 hours modelling this sports car. I'm so pleased on how it came out. The tutorial came from Digital 

Final render using mental ray, and projected light with final gathering.

Nurbs curves to set up the contours of the car.

Nurbs surfaces are attached to the curves.

The Nurbs surfaces are converted into polygons and extruded to get higher detail.

Front and back are half built and mirrored.

Details of the back.

Top view

Full mesh took about 35 hours to build.

Shaded with mental ray shaders.

Ambient Occlusion

Beauty Pass

Mmm, bit of Photoshop fun :)


  1. Wow! This is great almost forget its a model with all the realistic light reflections

  2. Looking good Justin, couple of little tweaks though:
    1. The tyres are way too shiny, Even for a showroom car.
    2.Get some mesh in those grills, the engines going to over heat and the brakes are going to cook big time without some air flow.

    Simple things that will add further to the realism. Without them it looks a little toy car like. However as a modelling exercise it will hold you in good stead for year 2.

  3. I'll just paste what I put on facebook :

    It's very well rendered and modeled, just a few pointers. The hole on the bonet is causing weird creasing, the goemetry is the problem here, the corners need to have loops running into them instead of having an nGon there. Use the specular here to find out where some verts may be out of line a bit, for example on the front there the specular isn't smooth it's got some weird angles. As I said, it's a great model, on the next one start looking at refining the areas where you're getting pinches and weird artifacts. Fantastic lighting and rendering though.

  4. awesom this car is ((:D way to go Justin!