Monday, 26 September 2011

Character Design - The story.

OK, so here is the idea I came up with over the weekend for my back story for each of the characters. 

The Hero

Ex-musteteer, betrayed and framed, disappears from Europe and travelles the trade routes to the Middle East but becomes a desert nomad. Due to the difference in climate and terrain he trades his horse for a chamel and begins to adopt some qualities of the nomad, wrapped in robes over his musteteer garb. If trouble arises his robes are dramatically flung from him to reveal his heroic nature.

On his journey he finds an abandoned child, a boy who is marked with an ancient launguage on his skin. Legends says the language has an unprecedented power. Deciding to take care of the child as his own, he teaches him the ways of the musketeer.


A child of legend and prophesy born with ancient markings on his skin if spoken correctly will allow the reader a power yet not known to the child. His family were killed by evil men hunting for the boy for his powers.  Too young to exact revenge but the boy is foolishly looking for it. Luckily he has his mentor the musketeer to keep him in check and prefare him for what he must one day face. He fashions out of rags his own musketeer clothing.


The evil Sultan reigning over the Middle East with a iron hand. He dispatches his guards to hunt for the boy of the legend, with the marking of the anceint language and is responcible for the death of the boys family. Using the power of sorcery he believes he has unmasked the true nature of the prophesy. In that whoever utters the words when the boys blood if split will have control of an army of Golems that will rise up from the ground. He intends on killing the boy and gain control of his power.

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