Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Maya - Modelling, Motor Bike

Another DT tutorial in process. The Harley Davidson, Nightrod Special. Looks tricky but here goes :)

Here's the frame put together by extruding on a nurbs curve. I learnt some nice ways to join tubes and bridge between faces.

The petrol tank was made using nurbs curves which were laid on the top and side profiles, then a nurbs surface was applied to them using the brail tool.

The wheels are modelled with a torus for the tires and a mixture of cylinders and pipes for the remainder.

Mud guards and forks, fairly straight forward polygon modelling.

The exhaust pipes are made from cylinders and also a nurbs circle extruded on a nurbs curve. The cover is from duplicated faces of the exhaust pipe.

Modelling the engine using polygon cubes and some really fancy extruding.

Detailing out more of the engine ect.

Adding more details and engine parts.

It's about 15 hours work so far to get to this stage.

There's so many pieces to model it feels never ending, but it's geting there.

A few more parts added. I really can't wait to finish it now but there's still a while to go.

Here it is so far, and looking quite nice. I've done a lot of work over the summer to try and set myself up for the 2nd year and there have been some doubts, but not from me. I doubt nothing!

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