Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Narrative - Destination Mars.

Max, Sasha and I have had a chat about what we are looking to do for 'Destination Mars'. The options are as follows -

Genre 1. Sci-fi
Genre 2. Horror
Genre 3. Film noir.

The approach options being -

Approach: Option 1 - “One Foot in the Past, One Foot in the Future”
Approach: Option 2 - “The B-Movie: Movies of Dubious Quality”
Approach: Option 3 - “The Long Lost Film”

Well, sci-fi is certainly there and as well as that we could be adding a little horror. So far we are leaning towards the B-movie approach, and I've put an idea forward. It's the first idea so most likely wont be the best, but hopefully it will get our brains firing at the next meeting :)

The idea put forward is -

On a long trip to Mars it would be needed to have some kind of greenhouse to grow food for the trip and stay on Mars. I know this will sound silly (hey arn't most B-movies) but how about excess radiation on the trip turns all the fruit and veg into mutant killers. Think Triffids, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes.

What do you think? Worth exploring the idea?

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  1. Take a look a the film 'Silent Running'. It's not a B-movie but it has some nice ideas around the theme of a 'Wildlife Biodome' and astronaughts.