Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Character Design - Story Update 2

The Hero

The hero is a Musteteer, his Father is a travelling merchant and travels the road to the Middle East buy fine goods to bring back to Europe, on his way back he is kipnapped by the evil Sutan and made a slave. Our hero Musketeer decides to leave Europe and travel to the Middle East to resue him. Due to the difference in climate and terrain he trades his horse for a camel and begins to adopt some qualities of the nomad, wrapped in robes over his musteteer garb. On his journey he battles the forces of the evil Sutan. When trouble arises his robes are dramatically flung from him to reveal his heroic nature.


The camel aquired by the Musketeer (unknown to the traders that traded the camel to the Musketeer) was once a good man who opposed the evil Sultan but was turned into a camel by the Sultan to humiliate him. Being a camel he has no power to act against the Sultan on his own accord. But after travelling with the Musketeer and realising that they have a common goal he reveals his true self to the Musketeer. He is a very bitter camel and frustrated due to his inadequacy to act in the way he had as a man, he is unable to be the warrior he was and can only kick and spit at his foe.


The evil Sultan reigning over the Middle East with a iron hand and as plans to rule the world. He only became Sultan because his Brother, a good man was murdered. It was he who unknown to everyone murdered his Brother.  He has heard that a warrior, the Musketeer has come to rescue the slaves and exact justice on the evil Sutan. Everyone in the land are fearful of confronting the Sultan out of fear of his black magic.

FAO Justin.

After the discussion we had this morning I've tried to piece something together from all the ideas we spoke about. I hope it's now on the right track.

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  1. Good stuff! I think its now a simple and direct story, with good clear characters. Onwards and upwards!