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Narrative - Best Worst Movie.

Fig 1.

Best Worst Movie (2009) - Director: Michael Stephenson.

The 'Best Worst Movie' is a documentary about the cult phenomenon that surrounds the film 'Troll 2' (1990) director: Claudio Fragasso. Michael Stephenson, child star of Troll 2 "Tries to pin down the alchemy that transports a film from reject bin to cult favorite" (New York Times, 2010). Troll 2 as a film was a disarster, plumeting to a new level of b-movie awefulness that ashamed the actors involved to the point of denial. Little would they know that over the years an audience would warm to the film to the point where actors would come out of hiding and soak up their new found stardom.

Fig 2.

Michael Stephenson riding on the crest of the wave of this new phenomenon meets with the other actors, and goes to film showings full of fans. Even 'Troll 2' director Claudio Fragasso is there to soak up the glory. Unfortunately for Fragasso the reason people love this film so much is because it's bad, not because all of a sudden its been seen in a new light of genius. Due to this the new appreciation the film gets is a disappointment to Fragasso, it can be clearly seen that he feels insulted particularly when the audience "Laugh when they are not supposed to." (Claudio Fragasso). Over all 'Best Worst Movie' is a happy ending about an ugly moster that's realised that people love him and is no longer afraid to show its face.

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