Monday, 14 November 2011

Character Design - Character Stats

Villain - Zoltos The Terrible.

55 years old
Evil Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
User of dark magic
Enslaves many with the use of spells
Has 100's of minion warriors that serve out of fear
Has plans to enslave the world

Hero - Alexandre Dumas

25 years old
Courageous Musketeer who has left France
to free the slaves of the evil Sultan, amoungst
them are his parents.

Sidekick - Saad (good Luck)

32 years old
Was turned into a camel by the Sultan.
Once a couragous warrior in opposition to the Sultan.
Has teamed up with the Musketeer because he feels
it's his only chance to return to himself.
He is very grumpy and unhappy about his situation.

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