Friday, 27 January 2012

Maya - Realistic Hand Final

Here it is, pretty much a finished render. I've added a small amount of detail in Z-brush and added some hairs with the paint effects tool in Maya, also I fixed the textures a bit. All in all not a bad go at modelling, texturing, and rendering a realistic hand for a first go :)

Here's the shading network.


  1. Nice, but you really don't need the hair, they don't really work. You will have to teach me how to use zbrush to make those maps. :D

  2. Looks awesome dude! The nails look spot on, I'd say the ends of the middle and index fingers look a little square on the ends but I might just be the angle it's taken from

  3. Good going Jut. Looks like game quality :) Is this with digital tutors or are you exploring on your own? :)