Thursday, 26 January 2012

Maya - Realistic Hand

Over reading week I wanted to have a go at building a realistic human figure. A few things have got in the way and there wont be time for it, so I thought I'd just keep it a little simple and try to model a realistic hand. Here's my model so far.

I've set up a smooth mesh proxy so I can see what it looks like smooth whilst still modelling the unsmoothed model.  

Here it is so far, I've put the nails on and made the webbing between the fingers. Need to work on the thumb now. 

I rendered the hand with a skin shader just to see how the light interacted. Tomorrow I plan on making some photo realistic textures, and putting the geometry in Z-brush to make some detailed normal maps.  

I realized that on the first image that the back scatter is passing way to far into the geometry so I've rendered another one that's a bit more realistic.

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