Saturday, 21 January 2012

Narrative - Destination Mars Contribution

Capt H Adam's blend shapes

Final Frog Render

Skin texture

Skin bump

 Frog eye texture

 Test render for Earth textures 

Texture for the rocks

4k texture for the ground in Hollywood. It's tiled and a repeat of 35 in both directions was put on the placement node.

Here's the bump map. The bump value was set at a very low 0.03

This is the matte painting for the HDR lighting and background. This is just a JPG version of the HDR file used. 

The condensation was  made in Photoshop and then composited in After Effects

Moon landscape texture and bump

I made this matte painting by making a render of Max's planet Earth and Moon dome and compositing it over the moon texture I made with the addition of buildings in the background and some stars.

Stars backdrop.

Updated the original file with a CG render to see how it looked. It can easily be changed if necessary.

OK, here is the crew, modeled, rigged and skinned. 

Bubs Rig

Eve's rig

Adam's rig

Here are the face textures I made for the characters. They look pretty good even though they are basic. But these aren't definitive. If need be they can be improved :)

First lot of spinning papers.

Logo idea.

First rocket model

Various textures created for the rocket

Rocket Concept

Moon concept

 Suit texture
Eye texture

Hair texture

One frog, modeled, rigged and skinned in pretty much one day.

For this shot I modeled, duplicated and composited the sky traffic . 

In this shot I added the sun and stars behind Max's Earth and made the lens flare as the camera moved towards the planet. 

Here I animated the slow motion walk cycle which I added to Max's walk way then textured and lit it to suit the characters.

Here I made smoke with the use of Maya particle effects with the addition of real smoke footage. The was then composited to the shot.

Here real smoke and sparks footage was added to the shot with a camera shake to show the rocket in trouble.

Maya particle smoke effects added. 

I made the lip synch for Adam and the frog jumping on his face. 

 Storyboard 1

Storyboard 2


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