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Narrative - Mars Attacks (1996)

Fig  1.

Mars Attacks (1996) Director - Tim Burton

Humankind need no longer wonder if they are the only intelligent life in the Galaxy when visitors from the planet Mars come with the intent on taking over the world, culminating in a comical battle between unlikely heroes including Tom Jones as himself and a rude gambler (Danny Devito). Eventually the invaders with superior intellect and technology are vanquished by a luscious and unlikely 'weapon' the insures the safely of the human race for another day.

Fig 2.

 Mars attacks play homage to sci-fi movies of the 50's in its style and content spoofing the ideas and visual effect that spawned the classics. 50's style ray guns and flying saucers "a splenetic satire which gleefully trashes contemporary culture" (Timeout. 1996) The Martians themselves steal the show and the film is, "partly redeemed by a number of hilarious and gruesome alien invasion skits." (BBC, 1996) Although the CG isn't the most convincing they air a style and character that makes them a comical foe that would make any Earthling want to rise to the challenge. If they were more formidable   If you are looking to get away from the modern day Tim Burton narrative 'Mars Attacks' fits the bill.

Fig 3.



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