Monday, 13 February 2012

Transcription - Influence Maps

Here's some Brian Froud drawings. I love the way they have exagerated features but they also look like they would make a good CG character and have a sence of realism.

Speaking to Alan last he mentioned about looking at nature to influence the design of my character. In relation to the idea of an Orkney Trow who lives in a cave on the beach I though about driftwood. I love the textures that are on driftwood, it could be translated into rough skin like textues.

Some descriptions of the trow say that they have hair like seaweed. when you look at seaweed it does resemble unkept hair and the way it also hangs off of the rocks gives the impression of hair.


  1. Your blog looks a lot better by the way :)

  2. Wel, I think I'm gonna do a Trow. I've been researching and looking at other things but I can't find anything I'm more interested in doing.