Monday, 20 February 2012

World Animation - Mary and Max

Fig 1.

Mary and Max (2009) Director - Adam Elliot

Mary is an eight year old Australian girl with no friends and a great amount of curiosity. In order to entertain herself Mary decides to pick a random name and address from am American phone book to have as a pen pal. Max is a forty something year old Jewish man living in New York, suffering from asperger's syndrome and one day receives an unexpected letter from Mary. Mary and Max become unlikely pen friends over then next 20 years or so, swapping unusual facts and recipes. Having a friend brings much joy to Mary but anxiety to Max.

Fig 2.

As characters both Mary and Max are unlikely stars of a film but they are so well crafted with personalities that warrant empathy. For the most part the more somber and adult storyline add unexpected humour into what could have been quite dull had this been made for infant audience. Although by the 3rd act of the film looses it's momentum it still stands as a piece of work that desearves recognition for it's ability to capture it's audiences emotions. Beautifully superb.

Fig 3.

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