Sunday, 25 March 2012

Transcription - Trow Clothes

Well I can honestly say that CG clothes are really hard to make. Here I've modeled a waistcoat that has been made from burlap, but it needs some work. The black holes between the stitching are meant to be transparent and show skin, like the tear you can see. The alpha map is working but because i extruded it to give thickness a kind of drop shadow has been created making it only possible to see the transparency when the camera is directly perpendicular to the holes. This I will fix by deleting the inside extrusion faces all except on the outside hem.

It's also quite apparent that the back scattering on the skin shader needs to be turned down much more than I previously thought. On a plus side I'm really happy with the razor shell necklace.

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  1. increasingly charming, Justin - it's worth the pain! :)