Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Transcription - Trow Head Update

This is much better, I've fixed the texture problems I had in the last render, fixed the hair colour (it may be a bit bright though), and put a smidging of ambient occlusion on there. All the hair is still a work in progress as regards the style. Next on to the eyelashes.

Here's the latest render. I've shaped the beard (it still needs messing up), worked on the eyes, and the head hair (although still not thick enough.

EDIT: I thought it looked a bit dark and I just realized that a couple of the skin shader textures had come unplugged. I've just fixed this and In a while I'll update this post with a newer render with the hair the correct colour. I've also been working on the skin colour texture to make it have a little more of a dynamic colour range.


  1. Looking good, Justin - I really like the wiry head hair; he'll certainly need some eyelashes too; there is something a bit off about the yellowish tinge of his beard and his general colouration, but judging by what you've written here, you'll be sorting it. Also - if his hair's that curly, his beard hair would reflect that characteristic too...

    1. You must be reading my mind Phil ;)