Saturday, 17 March 2012

Transcription - Trow Textures

Today I started to make the textures (they're nowhere near finished) , they are 8K in size and I've plugged them into the overall colour, epidermal, subdermal, and specular of the sss skin shader. Tomorrow I plan on getting stuck into Z-brush to get some detail on the trow. I'm so glad I bought 8GB of RAM for my P.C. as I wouldn't have any hope of this getting done without it :)

I've done a bit of Z-brush work in the face (very rough) and just so I could spend some time in Maya playing with the displacement settings. I think here I have just  about the right settings so I will now make a displacement map to the whole trow over the next few days.


  1. Aww how sweet - he's got your eyes ;)
    Looking good, keep it going :)

  2. Nat, you're hilarious (:D this looks promissing