Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Minor Project - Hziulquoigmnzhah (Harry)

Here's the Creature I'm looking to design and create for the Minor project. I'll start by researching the book that it comes from to get an idea of the characters environment and the logic behind it.

Hziulquoigmnzhah - The God of Cykranosh, Ziulquag-Manzah - Has spheroid body, elongated arms, short legs, and a pendulum-like head dangling underneath. It is the brother of Ghisguth, and uncle of Tsathoggua.

Hziulquoigmnzhah (also Ziulquaz-Manzah) is the son of Cxaxukluth. He is also the brother to Ghisguth and the uncle of Tsathoggua.
His appearance is much like his nephew, but he has an elongated neck, very long forelimbs, and very short, multiple legs. He has had many homes including Xoth (possibly Sirius B), Yaksh (Neptune), and Cykranosh (Saturn), where he resides to this day.

His Nephew - Tsathoggua

The first description of Tsathoggua occurs in "The Tale of Satampra Zeiros", in which the protagonists encounter one of the entity's idols:

He was very squat and pot-bellied, his head was more like a monstrous toad than a deity, and his whole body was covered with an imitation of short fur, giving somehow a vague sensation of both the bat and the sloth. His sleepy lids were half-lowered over his globular eyes; and the tip of a queer tongue issued from his fat mouth.

Later, in Smith's "The Seven Geases" (1933), Tsathoggua is described again:

In that secret cave in the bowels of Voormithadreth . . . abides from eldermost eons the god Tsathoggua. You shall know Tsathoggua by his great girth and his batlike furriness and the look of a sleepy black toad which he has eternally. He will rise not from his place, even in the ravening of hunger, but will wait in divine slothfulness for the sacrifice.

Clark Ashton Smith, "The Seven Geases"

Possible homes of Hziulquoigmnzhah

SOTH (SIRIUS B) an invisible-to-the-eye star, which has a planet circling it from which the Amphibian Aliens came.

Yaksh (Neptune), and Cykranosh (Saturn).

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