Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Minor Project - Hziulquoigmnzhah Skeleton

Here I pieced together from bones how the skeleton could fit together. It keeps within the description and also has the ability to function.


  1. There is something somehow classically appealing about this image - it has a faux scientific feel - treating this thing as if it's remains were actually found as fossils. You know, in terms of approaching this character design pipeline, I really like the idea of you casting yourself in the role of a kind of Lovecraftian zoologist - peicing together the creature from its bones, and ideas about its habitat - just as they did with the dinosaurs - which, let's face it, must have seem as improbably and as unlikely when those jigsaw puzzles of bones were first being put totgether. Not sure about the pelvis area - feels like it would have to be much stronger somehow, if it were to 'hinge' that great bulk.

    1. I've enlarged the pelvis and re-uploaded the picture :)