Thursday, 25 October 2012

Minor Project - More Leg Ideas

I've had the idea of spider legs instead of the previous idea. The first on I found the legs too long, the second are just wrong as it doesn't look like any weight is being applied so I came up with the third idea. This one definitely works the best.


  1. Hey Justin - yes, I really like the 'non-coloured' version - bottom right - though, and this is not a criticism exactly - but he does have a real whimsical Jim Henson-feel; there's a softness to him in this image that is rather endearing (he has a rather cute face). Again - these aren't 'weaknesses' in terms of the drawing, because I think Frank is looking increasingly resolved in this instance as a 'creature design' - BUT what would Lovecraft make of it? Do you need to shift the tone of this design from a PG to certificate 18? (or not?).

  2. Yeah, you're right the tone does need to move up a few notches. At the same time though I'd like him to look intelligent too.