Monday, 29 October 2012

Minor Project - Phallic Harry

Here's a quick redesign of Harry. I've tried to make him a little grosser.

EDIT: After speaking to Phil earlier I've chanced the colours to look less pink and put it on a darker background. On this one I've also softened the head to make it less phallic just go get a comparison. I will work on the feet tomorrow.


  1. I'm not sure but maybe you could make it slightly more subtle in terms of phallic undertones. the Head especially is really like WOAH! But I do admire to creep factor to it.

  2. Remember the feedback from Phil and I. A little less and a bit more disguised.

    1. Phil said it looks ok now attatched to the body, lol.

  3. Okay - so quick summary of what we discussed today with Jordan:

    maybe lose 'face pincers' - they don't seem to have a real usefulness in terms of the design.

    Reconsider actual anatomy of claws/feet - maybe a hybrid of pigs' trotters:


    and the thing from Pan's Labyrinth:

    Certainly, I think you should revisit the big claws - not because they're 'wrong' but rather they need to soak up a bit more anatomical detail to convince.

    In terms of colouration - I think something more bloodless and grey/blue (along with that labial pinkiness etc) will lend more age and disgust to him.

    I'm not sure about the tongue/probiscus either -

    Take a look at this nightmarish protuberance: (the star-nosed mole!),

    Even though you've got that penile mouth slit, I think you need to keep thinking about how its jaws etc. might sit inside that fleshy hood: look again at fish mouth structure, and maybe also lamprey:

    1. Thanks Phil, there was a lot discussed with Jordan and yourself today. That will help me remember :)