Friday, 21 December 2012

Minor Project - Concept

I spoke to Alan today and he gave me a few more pointers to make this better.  I've lessened the dark round the edges, put more subsurface scattering on the skin shader and rendered the smoke in Maya so that it takes into consideration the rocks. I hope it's better.
Here's a slightly different version. 


  1. Hey Justin - yes, this is already a big improvement on your previous 'final render'. I like the 'dead bush' that's crept in, and the taller tower formation in the background... I'm just wondering if a little more set-dressing might be welcome? Not much more, but a bit more?

  2. Even better Justin! your close I feel the top one makes your character stand out but the bottom one works well with the mist and the atmosphere and as Phil suggested try having more stuff going on in the scene (maybe a couple more dead bushes scattered round) and play with that a little and see what you get :)