Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Major Project - Initial Idea

Mars to Earth Human Support Suit
Made for a scientific documentary and using scientific research to show the potential evolution of human beings that have been born and lived on Mars in colonies in the distant future.
Point 1
How would humans evolve under the different conditions of Mars particularly under less gravity? Design from research the structure of such a ‘Martian’.
Possible differences could be humans that are taller, with less muscle mass and longer straighter spine.
Point 2
What aid would be necessary for the evolved ‘Martians’ to visit Earth with new body that is adapted to less gravity? Design and build the necessary bio mechanical aid required to fulfill the needs of ‘Martians’ to function back on Earth.
Mars to Earth Human Support Suit. M2EHSS
M2EHSS considerations
Skeletal support, muscle strength and support, breathing and oxygen levels in blood, the hearts ability to pump blood in higher gravity, balance via a gyroscope, sleep mode, and hygiene system.

Design considerations:
Based on future technology
Nano technology
Recycle technology

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  1. Hi Justin,

    I saw this and thought this kind of approach to technology design (blended reality and fantasy logic) may help you in future work.