Thursday, 31 January 2013

Major Project - Script

This is a possible script for the explanation of my turnaround. I may just have dialogue boxes or a narrator or both. I've found the perfect narrator on

Picture of Mars
Narration: Sometime in the future it is likely that humans will colonise Mars.
Mars turns to Earth-like conditions
Narration: Even after terraforming Mars, the difference in atmospheric pressure and gravity will mean humans born there will evolve to their new conditions.
Human skeleton morphs in ‘Martian’ skeleton, then morphs into Martian. Close up of leg muscle shrinking.
Narration: Less gravity could cause humans to grow much taller, with less muscle and bone mass.
Chest expands
Narration: Less atmospheric pressure could cause humans to have enlarged lungs and chests.
Narration: This is where humans become Martians.
Narration: One day the new race of Martians may want to visit Earth to discover the planet of their origin.
HSS fades over Martian and turns around
Narration: Their Martian anatomy will no longer be suited for life on Earth and they will require support in Earths higher gravity. The Earth to Mars human support suit.

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