Thursday, 18 April 2013

Major Project - M.E.L

Here's my render so far, I've made the lens a little smaller again and put in some more sound effects and the logo.

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  1. okay justin, yep, really like the opening insignia animation - very dynamic. I'm just wondering if you could utilise this a bit more - for instance, use those same sequences to transition from the first sequence with the iris and the lungs to the turnaround of the suit - a cut scene dividing up the two halves?

    In terms of sound, your 'focusing iris' needs a sound identity - a sound to convey its movement; likewise, when the human body extends, that should have a sound identity too. It might even be the case that your logo should make a sound - i.e. the revolve of the green balls making some dialed back sound to add to the soundscape of the piece more generally?

    Also - get the proper voice track on here asap, Justin - and I'd REALLY think about out-sourcing it professionally. I'm increasingly coming around to the idea that a woman's voice is going to most suit. Trust me, Justin - just outsource it - yes, you can post-produce it accordingly, but I just think a pro-voice over will lend additional kudos to your project.