Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Anatomy - Splice

This is a film in which two scientists are researching splicing different animal DNA together in order to creat new species that could help develope new proteins to cure disease. During their experiments they  splice animal DNA with human to see what the results would be. Obvioulsy this has massive moral implications so it is kept secret even from their employer. Their creation (Dren)  grows fast (convieniently) so they are able to observe  its full life cycle in only a month. The one thing I found disapointing about the film is that you didn't find out what animals Dren was made from. If you knew it may have helped give more of an understanding on why she developed the way she did.

Overall I felt the film lacked any real scientific credibilty even for fiction, the Telegraph reviewed this film as "A disappointingly clueless science movie that lacks curiosity in even the basic building blocks of a hybrid creature’s DNA" the film could have given a better explaination on how their science worked and how they achieved it.

During the film there are some scenes that are quite shocking, will make you cringe and scream "no don't do it". The film does go over the top perticually the final scene where Dren dies and then comes back to life as a male instead of female. It felt like a different film had been bolted to the end. Love put it as "Is it ridiculous? Frequently. Tasteless? Uh-huh" Couldn't have said it better myself.

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