Monday, 11 October 2010

Anatomy - The Company Of Wolves

The Company Of Wolves is a beautiful adaption of the fairtale Little Red Ridinghood. In this version there is a real sense of horror, The New York Times even goes as far as discribing it as  "like a horror movie from Hammer Films" and some of the scenes use classic horror techniques like childrens toys used as instruments of fear. This film is certainly not for the young children like the classic story we all know. I love the way ths film starts with the main character Rosaleen dreaming of the story of her as red ridinghood and because the film is a dream it gives licence for it to get wierder and wierder. There are moments in the film where it feels like you're in a story inside a story inside a dream.

But nowhere does it get confusing even with all the stories in dreams and surreal moments, at one point in the film a Rolls Royce is driving throught the forest in a supposed time when the car would not have been invented. But thats the freedom of capturing a dream and it all aids in keeping you on your toes wondering what magical bonanza is next.

For a British film with quite a low production budget is really does well to capture a realism in the scenes with a set build forest and village. The animatronics of the man changing to wolf were also very well made. I totally agree with Time Out when they say that the film has "the most beautiful visual effects to emerge from Britain in years" It was truly beautiful in the grossest possible way.

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