Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Story Telling - Essay Idea

In this essay the film 'Saving Private Ryan' will be explored in the view of it's editing that was created purposely by director Steven Spielberg to create a sense of immersion. The techneques employed such as the use of the 'shaky cam' and POV (point of view) shot are generally heavily critisized in but heavily used in Saving Private Ryan to give that feeling of realism and the feeling of being there. it will be examined from both aspects, from the critics view and also from Spielberg himself from the DVD commentry. Some of the success of this essay will depend on gaining the testimonials of the advisers on the film. That was the war veterans themselves that faught there in person, hopefully research on this will also be gained.

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  1. Interim Online Review 15/02/2011

    Hey Justin,

    You're IOR isn't quite as polished and professional as some; your formating on your document is leaving your words broken apart in places. Without wanting to sound like someone's mum, as one of the mature students in the first year, I am looking to you to set an example in terms of professionalism - you're not 18 any more - and you should play that card to your advantage!

    I have little doubt that your story is going to work in visual terms - no problem. The only 'disappointment' is that the escalation of difficulties experienced by your undertakers seems a bit capped. I think your Act 2 could be revisited to lend more variety and more causality to the story; it's like a snowball getting larger and larger as it rolls down a hill; a small action, creates a bigger one, and so on. Your Act 3 reveal is lovely - with the whole caravan being buried - perfect. The consequence of the moose's head seems unpowered too - only in so much as it impales an already dead character. As I read your script, I was already imagining the moment when the undertaker had it stuck on his own head after it had fallen off the wall. It just feels as if more should happen to the undertakers; that their situation could and should complicate much more so before they throw in the towel and bury the whole bastard thing... I can imagine the whole caravan being upended as the corpse 'rolls' to one end etc. I think you could have more kinetic, macabre fun with this section!

    Saving Private Ryan is great choice - the beach landings in particular; you'll need to talk about cinema verite as a style in order to properly contextualise that 'shaky cam' strategy - and lots has been written about Spielberg's approach to structuring that now famous sequence.