Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Character Design - Finding The Story Behind The Villain

Ok, so it seems that around that time of the Musketeers the Ottoman Empire had many rulers. There is one though who ruled briefly by the name of Mustafa. Through my research I have decovered that he was described as mentally unstable, mentally defective, mentally retarded or at least neurotic.

Perhaps something to inspire my villain.

It also seems important that a villain needs a MacGuffin or some sort plot to take over the world. I googled legends and found that the legend of the Golem originated in Hebrew culture. In retrospect this seems quite obvious as in the Hebrew Bible Adam was in effect a Golem made from the dust by God. It's interesting that it's also has it's roots in the same geographic location.

Maybe my villan has a plot to take over the world with the power of an army of Golems. Maybe he needs something to get this power and the hero is the only one standing in his way.

It's all food for thought.

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  1. Some interesting ideas here. Although at first, these genres seem disjointed, they actually have similar themes, drawing upon different aspects of romantic fantasy and swashbuckling action. Arabian nights gives you the opportunity to push the fantastic - its the very stuff of flying carpets and genies. Interesting to see how this develops