Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Character Design - Finding The Story Behind The Hero.

After having a chat with Alan about the idea of a character that is a Musketeer with an influence of Arabian Night I got some ideas.

I'm thinking at present that my hero character could have once been a Musketeer, he has left his homelands to embark on a quest that brings him to Arabia where he begins to accustom himself there. As a man of peace he's always sworn himself to protect the weak and help the poor etc.

To get a better picture I'll need to look at what was happening in the 17th century in Arabia when the musketeers was set.


I found some interesting information about Arabia in the 17th cetury. The Ottoman Empire was ruling. Looks like it might be wise to do some research on the Ottoman's at that time.

The Ottomans occupy Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula at the beginning of this period. As in all of their provinces, their presence is minimal outside of the major cities. After the 1600 chartering of the East India Company, the British start to compete with Dutch, Portuguese, and French concerns for control of the lucrative Persian Gulf trade, but the region itself does not benefit from this boon as European traders have found sea routes to circumvent the overland transport of goods through Arabia. Ottoman control of Yemen ends in 1635, and the Shici Zaydi imams return to power atSanca. In Oman, the al-Bu-Sacid clan takes Muscat as their capital, and in Saudi Arabia the present line of kings—the al-Sacud dynasty—is established in 1746.

Key Events.

The Zaydi imams, who had controlled Yemen in the twelfth century, reassert themselves after the Ottoman departure. They survive a second Ottoman occupation of Sanca in the late nineteenth century and continue to rule today.

 Sultan bin Saif al-Yacrubi wins Muscat from the Portuguese, who have occupied the trading port for over 150 years. The Yacrubid imams rule in Oman until 1749.

The Ottoman governor of al-Hasa in the Arabian Peninsula is overthrown. Control of the region reverts to Bedouin chiefs.

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