Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Narrative - Destination Mars.

There quite a few films relating to Mars and/or space that have a variety of premises that are useful to watch as reference. As I watch them for research I will post the trailer and a brief description.

Red Planet (2000) Director: Antony Hoffman.

Earth is dying due to polution and climate change, scientists are in the process of terraforming Mars for a new home but something isn't right. A team of astronauts and scientists are sent to investigate.

Mission To Mars (2000) Director: Brian De Palma.

The first mission to Mars ends with the crew dissapearing once on the planet. Another ship is sent out with a resue party and to investigate what happened. When they arrive they find more then they imagined and discover the origins of live from aliens that once lived on Mars.

Silent Running (1972) Director: Douglas Trumbull.

In the future all plant life is exstinct, the only place it's been conserved is in greenhouse domes on a large spaceship. After 8 years of drifting in space the ships crew are ordered to return to earth for commercial duties but not before jettisoning the the greenhouses and destroying the last forrests in existance. Freeman Lowell a scientist maintaining the forests will stop at nothing to prevent it from happening.

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