Friday, 2 September 2011

Maya - Character Modelling, Stylized Female.

Ok, started modelling a new character, this time something completely different which will have a new set of challenges.

Getting the basic shape of the head.

In this model of an eye two nurbs spheres are used, one for the eyeball itself and the other wihich has a translucent shader for the lens.


Brow and lashes are added from faces duplicated from the head geomertry.

The body is modelled from a cylinder and then combined with the head.Then the arm and leg are also modelled from cylinders and combined.

The hand was was modelled with 20 divisions and the wrist had only 8. Some rerouting of the geometry had to be made on the hand in order to combine it with the wrist.

The basis for the hair had been made by duplicating the head geometry and deleting faces until it looks like a scalp.

For the hair extrude layers of faces downwards.

Adding details to the hair with polygon cones.

Starting to model the clothes. The shirt was made from a nurbs cylinder and then converted to a polygon.

Again the top was made from duplicating faces from the body.

Shoes, what more can I say?

Front and back of the finished model.

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