Friday, 7 December 2012

Minor Project - Finalish Render


  1. Oooo very nice Justin! I really like the texturing for his shell and the lighting is very ominous!

    I do kinda miss the weird pallid flesh he had before. It reminded me more of the Cronenberg body-horror type thing, but that might not be what you were after :P

    Also, because of how intense that red is you've lost a little of the detail you worked so hard on in mudbox to achieve. Maybe that's just me though, so feel free to say otherwise :P

  2. It's getting there.....
    But some things still look off.
    I'm not sure what it is yet but I'll get back to you

  3. Molly is right. You may want to tone done that red and bring Sub surface scattering back in.

    FYI - Solution to why your pose looks 'off'.

    Also, the spine is straight and needs curving too. Not over the back but from head to tail through the body.