Monday, 10 December 2012

Minor Project - Latest Render

I've taken all the advise I've had regarding my last render and looked at improving it. First by repositioning the front limbs and curving the spine some more. Also I've taken out some of the red, and made textures for the subdermal and epidermal to let the skin shader do some more work.

This is without final gathering.

This is with.

Here I mixed with and without.


  1. Maybe it's the rocks putting me off? Perhaps they're just too clean? Like they're scrubbed every day, no slime build up or moss or mud or dust, theres nothing on them

    1. Yeah, Your right there Nat, I'm thinking of making a texture to go on top that is dirt and moss etc. :)

    2. :) Have you done any more mist tests?

    3. Shit, no I forgot about that. I spent today modeling saliva and sorting the skin textures out. I'll get on that tomorrow.