Monday, 10 December 2012

Minor Project - Hziulquoigmnzhah


  1. Hey Justin - great to see some more subjective compositions of 'Harry' - putting the viewer into his line of attack etc. More please - and don't settle - let's see you push this to its most perfect iteration... 'be amazing' :)

  2. This is the piece of work I was talking about when we were discussing dynamic non-waxworky ways of presenting your creature:

    Obviously, this is 'time-based media' staging of a non-animated asset - and yes, Alex pretty much kills it with the non-epic font, but his filmic instincts are good - good use of music and composition and some atmospherics in there too. No student on this course as EVER managed to make the most of their creature/character model using filmic techniques; we're always left with a waxwork on a turntable, and I know from experience that this always fails to convey the 'characterfulness' of the character; there's always a danger of leaving audiences with a sense of 'meh' - especially when it comes to staging creatures. So - I want you to conceive of a dynamic, cinematic way of pushing your creature into people's imaginations in a forceful, frightening and menacing way. One really simple, but incredibly effective and theatrical way to create menace would be to simply bring this monster up out of the darkness - using lighting really dramatically - flashes of lightening revealing it stroboscopically - quick flashes of it as it moves closer (or the camera moves closer to it). I don't think it needs an elaborate set or anything like that - it just needs to punch above its weight, and I certainly like to see you doing some 'live action' tests with your creature now - putting it into some time-based renders, with great camera work and implied menace - what do you think? Be the first CGAA student to get this next bit right!

    1. Hey Phil, that's a pretty interesting idea. Some nice camera moves close in to it making it dramatic. I'll start on it asap :)

  3. watch for the scene with the light-bulb going on and off, with the weeping angels moving their position between shots:

    It seems to me, with a sequence of different poses cut together using, perhaps, lightening flashes or similar, you could create a real sense of Harry on the attack or similar...